Rainy season in Japan

July 3, 2019

Rainy season has started in Japan on June 7th, but surprisingly it is not as rainy as it is in Vancouver. During the winter, Vancouver has an awful amount of rain, often times not stopping for a whole month; however here in Japan it seems like the day are just gloomy and cloudy, with sometimes some drizzling and the occasional heavy rain.
Excited for all the cicada that will come out after the rain season ends.

CAN 2017

May 29, 2017

I've been in Montreal for the past several days. I really like the city and the people. One thing that I've been enjoying is the French Canadians! I enjoy listening to people speaking french. The more I hear that more it makes me want to learn the language.

The reason I'm in Montreal is because CAN is running here this year. I've met lots of interesting and awesome people! Lots of McGill professors! I also presented my work at the Neurophotonics platform in a short 10 minute presentation! I was a bit nervous, but it seems to have gone alright. I also presented a poster my session was on the first slot! Posters seem easier at the moment, since I can talk to the person one to one, and if there's something that I didn't explain well I can ask them! With posters I can really make sure I explain myself well... Although I still enjoy oral presentations! Lots of people came to my poster, talked a lot, and they seem to really like it! The most popular question was-- what do we plan to do with this technology? Thankfully, I was prepared!
I still have a few days left in the conference. I'm hoping to learn lots! Looking forward to all the poster sessions and the speakers!

Be careful with power outages

March 12, 2016

So... Today I updated my RPi laptop from the Model 2 B to the Model 3 B.

Everything was going alright until I decided to install syncthing so that my data can be restored from the other linux devices I have. The transfer of files began onces I configured the folders that were supposed to hold the data, however... the way syncthing works is the sender encrypts the data using some crazy complex hash, and then it is the job of the receiver to decrypt it. So... as you can figure out, the hashing is an expensive task for the RPi... which means a lot of power consumption!!! The Motorola Lapdock was not able to supply that much current, and for some reason, when there's a voltage drop in the Pi 3, instead of giving a small warning beforehand, it just reboots. :(

This happened about.... 3 or 4 times... before I figured out what was going on (I originally thought I got a faulty board or something). Once I figured it out, I changed the power supply and it worked!!!

But that's not the end of this mess... During the power outages some of the data transfers were incomplete, which means I ended up with a conflict on my transfered files. 395 conflicts to be exact.... And sometimes the conflicted file contained the screwed up data file and sometimes it was the normally named file, which prevented me from simply writing a script that replaced files. Not only that, but the files had the exact same size!! (I bet it has something to do with how the files are decrypted) which means I couldn't write a script that would compare sizes either...
So........... I had to do it manually! I started the journey at 11:30pm!
And the journey came to an end at 2:30am.
Never again... I hope I didn't miss anything..

Oh well, sometimes things like that happen. I REALLY hope that the reboots only happen when under insane full load otherwise I'm screwed if this lapdock doesn't provide enough juice for the Pi 3.